Ha Giang during this time is so “hot”, from World wide web with many different images of Tam Giac Mach and a lot of pretty ladies, which are shot from the suitable digital camera point of view, to true exploring tours that are fully furnished with legs combined with arms armour, not to mention motorbikes attached by flags. People keep talking about Ha Giang everywhere, in every Vietnam package holiday

I get back the North after quite a few year. In the previous year, I had a trip in Autumn Festival Season, and then enjoyed a visit to gorgeous rugged plateaus. This current year, I went to Ha Giang at the time when “tam giac mach” flowers are currently in full bloom. After approximately one year, I myself have changed considerably. At that time, from Da Nang to the North, I cautiously arranged for a holiday to half of Vietnam, with anything considered vital. This year, I pack not even a thing other than a 65-lit backpack, a laptop computer for getting the job done, without scooter, or armour, or even the headgears. On the moment we got started, my pal lent me an old motorcycle, which have taken me 500.000 vnd to get it repaired. While everybody was protected with protective stuff, I only wore a 3 holes t-shirt. My desire is to try the real feelings of driving a vehicle across the mountain pass when cold wind flow sweeps over the body. I do think I have improved a little bit, I have made simpler almost everything, as well as have, in addition I also have obtained a lot more different view than before. Probably for this reason, we were the most strangest tripping groups on the pass.

Nonetheless, Ha Giang doesn’t have any difference. The way winds and also twists around harsh mountain tops just like someone had abandoned a ribbon of silk for centuries without remembering to bring it back. The palatial together with awesome rocky mountain tops are interleaved with green spots of the bushes rising on the rocks, the brilliant valleys, along with the range of wild blossoms growing on the 2 borders of the way. We continuously drove across the mountain road, looking at the blue sky of the top region of this Asia country

Ah, I really should write about Tam Giac Mach, the main cause that even Ma Pi Leng are stuck in traffic. Giac Mach currently has got into its blooming season, and as a consequence little petals have turned out to be light pink coloured. Despite that the Giac Mach fields are not as huge as well as incredible as in the images, they create income to local people. Only 10.000 for a photo, they are able to have 150.000 – 200.000 day after day, not a small amount for upland women and men.
I will of course go over to Ha Giang again someday.

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